Principia Facilities

Principia maintains a network of UNIX workstations connected by a high speed network.

Computers used by Principia are workstations and servers based on HP/PA-RISC, Sun/SPARC, Alpha/AXP, SGI/MIPS and Intel/AMD x86 technologies running Unix or GNU/Linux, a Beowulf supercomputer using GNU/Linux/Bproc and personal computers running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

The workstations are networked together with a hybrid 100VG-AnyLAN, 100BaseT and 1000BaseT network through a Layer 3 switch. A secondary 10BaseT and T1 network is used for low bandwidth traffic.

Peripherals include monochrome and color printers, a 36" large format printer, an E-size digitizer and a scanner.

The Principia network contains over a terrabyte of disk storage. Removable media include VXA, VXA2, DAT, 8mm, 9-track, and TRAVAN tapes, CD and DVD, and ZIP disks.

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